In need of a scholarship?

Scholarships are for people

  1. working within working-class communities of color or in rural communities who are developing, supporting, or running worker cooperatives;
  2. who would otherwise be unable to attend without scholarship support; and
  3. who express interest in worker cooperatives as a community wealth-building strategy.


  • Scholarships do not apply to workplace passes.
  • Scholarship applications due June 29. If your request is approved, staff will email you a coupon code to use during registration.
  • Once approved, scholarship recipients must register by August 1.
  • Scholarships are reserved for people who would not otherwise be able to attend.

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Interested in a work trade?

Work Trades are for people

  1. in-need of financial support, and
  2. enthusiastic about committing to a work role in exchange for full or partial reimbursement of conference registration costs.


  • Work Trade applications are due by June 29.
  • Specific roles are assigned to each work-trader.
  • Work-traders sign an agreement stating that their commitment to signing-in and out, as well as to doing their assignment.

Full Reimbursement (15 hours @ $15/hour) or Half Reimbursement (7.5 hours @ $15/hour):

  • Full reimbursement covers full conference costs in exchange for 15 hours of work over the conference weekend.
  • Half reimbursement covers half of the conference costs in exchange for 7.5 hours of work over the conference weekend.


  1. “Welcome” work-traders (English and Spanish): managing registration table; helping people find rooms/workshops and other tasks.
  2. “General Logistics” work-traders: tasks will be assigned while onsite.
  3. “Tour” work-traders: make sure tours are set-up and stay on schedule; possibly coordinate vehicles; make sure registrants are present and paid.
  4. “Vendor Fair” work-traders: managing and implementing set-up and clean-up together with all vendors; general troubleshooting; leading conference participants into the vendor fair.
  5. “Saturday Party” work-traders: coordinating party logistics (set-up and clean-up)

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