Tour local cooperatives and new economy organizations in the LA Area; there will be two tours hosted, with 25 participants each. Check back soon for additional information!


Deep dive into intensive subjects like setting up personnel systems at your cooperative, cooperative finance/bookkeeping, and more, in a half-day workshop. Registration for these sessions will be available soon! These strategy sessions will be an additional cost.

Intensive Training for Cleaning Cooperatives | 10:00 am to 4:00 pm

This bilingual (English/Spanish) pre-conference day-long intensive training will provide many practical tools for worker-owners (including those in customer service and administrative roles) and nonprofit developers who are planning, launching, or growing worker-owned cooperatives in the house cleaning industry.  Experienced member-owners and developers from TeamWorks will teach how to build sustainable cooperatives that:

  • Generate living wages
  • Provide members with quality health insurance
  • Build assets in individual and collective capital accounts
  • Create skill development pathways for members

Substantial discounts are available for additional participants from the same cooperative project and for those from organizations/cooperatives with annual budgets of less than $1 million. To apply for a discount code, go to the TeamWorks Development Institute website.

Peer Network Gathering: Union Co-ops | TBD

This session will address how worker cooperatives and labor officers and organizers can work together, particularly in the Los Angeles area. The Union Co-ops Council will lead the session, which will be an opportunity for people working in labor to get to know the worker cooperative model.

Peer Network Gathering: Workers to Owners | TBD

This invitation-only network gathering will allow participants to strategize about cooperative conversions work, sharing skills, and reviewing the Collaborative's 2018 goals. 

Peer Network Gathering: Worker Cooperative Development Fundamentals Cohort | TBD

Cohort alumni will look over shared tools, learn more about the field, and share exciting stories. This session is closed to those who have participated in a cohort with DAWI such as the Fellowship, Fundamentals, and Chapter Network.