Big Ideas to Build Momentum

This year’s conference features three Big Ideas plenaries which will orient you to the landscape, raise important themes and questions, and connect our work to larger movements. Following the plenaries will be smaller group discussions and practical workshops that will give you a chance to dig in deeper to the big ideas raised by the speakers, as well as build relevant skills and relationships.

We’re busy putting the finishing touches on the panels and are excited to share with you a preview of our plenary discussions:


Stories that Move Us: How Worker Co-ops Are Organizing Our Economic Power

Worker owners will share their stories of organizing their economic power across the country, and we’ll reflect on the phenomenal growth in the last decade, adding hundreds of businesses and thousands of worker-owners, building networks and institutions.

Shaping the Future of Work

As tech platforms grow, Baby Boomers retire, labor unions face an existential crisis, and youth and immigrant workers organize like never before, what do these changes mean for worker cooperatives, and what can we learn from the Future of Work conversation? Presenters will share cutting-edge projects and show how worker cooperatives can address how we work in a rapidly shifting world.

Cooperative Connections to Movements for Liberation

Worker ownership is a growing part of the larger conversation about economic and racial justice. You’ll be introduced to likely and unlikely partners for growing worker ownership in the present and the future, and we will learn together how to move forward with our allies in solidarity.


These talks will ground us in our roots and help us determine the future of our sector — be a part of the conversation, and register today!